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Ingrid Oliphant
Rumi's The Self We Share
The Self We Share Thirst is angry with water. Hunger bitter with bread. The cave wants nothing to do with the sun. This is dumb, the self- defeating way we've been. A gold mine is calling us into its temple. Instead, we bend and keep picking up rocks from the ground. Every ... Read More
Kamela Dolinova
The art of asking
Amanda Palmer, late of the Dresden Dolls and ever-itinerant, fascinating, fearless musician and artist, did a TED talk in which she shows how she got people to pay for music in the digital age – by asking them. This talk reminds me how difficult it is for people to connect with each other, social media explosion notwithstanding.  How hard it is to hold eye contact for more than a moment ; how hard to hold out your hand to someone, to speak to a stranger, to allow contact. Watch it and learn. Read More
Lucie Monroe
In Defense of the Liver Point
According to Lindsay Kenny's article , " the Liver Point or Liver 14 in acupuncture terms, can be found on the mammilary line, under the nipple, 2 ribs below the nipple, about where a woman's bra wire would be. For a man it’s about 3 inches under his nipples. Because of it’s “inconvenient positioning” it began to be eliminated in public forums. However, the Liver Point is an important meridian for stress, depression, cravings and anger ." In most of the shortcuts developed and customiz... Read More
Salica Geiger
Mission: Peace on Earth
MISSION: PEACE ON EARTH I am Salica and I want to tell you today about my personal misson in this life and how I found it. And also about the meaning of GOLDEN AGE SEMINARS. As long as I can remember I always have been very sensitive for things which were not in balance and therefore not at PEACE. When I had contact with people as a child I always tried (unconsciously) to bring them more peace. If somebody was sad – I made him smile. If somebody had trouble with something – I brought him relief. If two people were struggling ... Read More
Amelie St-Pierre
Free Gifts For Your Spiritual Journey
How many times have you downloaded a free eBook and it has shifted your perspective on something? How many times have you signed up for a gift from someone and it transformed your life? A small gift can make a HUGE difference. From July 7th to July 31st 2014, over a 100 coaches, healers, and such are offering materials to help you on your spiritual journey and in your heart-centered business. Sign up for this huge giveaway launch and get ton of free materials. I also have my own gift on the site. http://y... Read More
David Murphy
A Day of Sessions for Haiti Relief!
All proceeds from my sessions on Tuesday, January 26 will be donated to Partners in Health Improve your wellness and support the relief efforts in Haiti! In the wake of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti, I've decided to give all of my income from sessions next Tuesday to medical relief efforts.  I only have 4 slots left! Click here to sign up and donate the cost of your session to Partners in Health , working on the ground in Haiti. Read More
Kristin Khederian
Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe
Tools: A blender and your favorite coffee cup. Ingredients: Coffee (preferably organic) and a teaspoon or two of coconut oil. Note: Coffee substitutes, like Dandy Blend, can be used instead. Optional ingredients: Stevia , honey, coconut sugar, gelatin (superfood and protein), vanilla, peppermint, etc. Preparation: Pour the coffee into the blender cup. Add the coconut oil and any other ingredients you may like. Blend the coffee. Once blended, pour it into your cup and get yo... Read More
Nathan Oxenfeld
Vision and Posture
Your thoughts, emotions and eyesight are influenced by your posture. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Likewise we can ask which came first, poor vision or poor posture? Vision and posture are intricately linked. The eyes are extensions of the brain and therefore a part of our central nervous system. When light strikes the photoreceptor cells (rods and cones) on the retina in the back of the eye, signals and messages travel as impulses and synapses through the optic nerve to the visual cortex in the back of the brain, which processes and inter... Read More
Esme Carino
Mary and the Divine Feminine
I, Mary, implore you to find time today and today and today to become quiet.  There is a strong, quiet voice inside you.  Listening to this voice takes dedication to finding the time in your busy life to be still.  The water flows deep within you.  This voice is the Divine Feminine.   It is the creative force of the universe.  Once you connect your personal heart to the flow of the universal energy of the Divine Feminine you will find a never ending source of motivation for all your projects and passions. This voice will give you resolution for the ... Read More
The Vitality Cafe
A Single Session
Most of the people are not very clear on what happens in a single session at the Vitality Cafe, what they should expect and in what conditions they can opt for this option in their healing journey.  The post is aimed at answering the questions to its best.  Any questions can be sent by the contact form on the website or by email at ... Read More
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