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Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
Finding Balance In 2014
Finding Balance In 2014 Is your life feeling out of balance? No matter what we use as criteria when it comes to experiencing balance in our lives, we have certain needs that need to be filled throughout our lives and the more balanced our fulfillment of these needs, the smoother our boat will sail and the closer to balance we will get. IIN calls it primary foods Maslow called it a hierarchy of needs Anthony Robbins called it a wheel I call it a bliss. ... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
You're Grounded
Myth:  Empaths need to ground themselves No, they don't. By now, I've worked with a few hundred empaths.  More than ninety percent feel relief when they are told they don't need to 'ground' themselves. This is really quite simple:  We're not all meant to be 'grounded'.  In the same manner we're not all meant to be engineers, electricians, or elephant riders. For some of us, being grounded is being tethered, restrained, yoked, leashed, stuck in the fucking corner with our nose to the wall.    The notion that we must follow a cut & pasted template ... Read More
Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
YouTube - GMO Foods, Genetically Modified Organisms, Wake Up America 3
YouTube - GMO Foods, Genetically Modified Organisms, Wake Up America 3 Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
The Action of Ki in Reiki
Energetic Wellness In Reiki As It Is much was said about the true nature of Reiki, how it is a spiritual teaching and practice first, with healing being a natural extension of its enlightening practices. Yet Usui-san was widely known as a great healer. Teate means hands-on healing in Japanese and was very popular in Usui's time. In 1923 an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale hit Tokyo. 100,000 deaths were reported. His Memorial stone states: "Everywhere there were groans of pains from the wounded. Sensei feeling pity for ... Read More
Jessica Sunshine Klein
Sunday at Noon ~ Level One Hatha Yoga
3.27.11  Asteya - Nonstealing Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2.37  "To one established in non-stealing all wealth comes." According to Sri Swami Satchidananda there are five types of interactions: 1.  A person who takes 100% and gives nothing back - Theif 2.  A person who takes 100% and gives 50% back - Debtor 3.  A person who takes 100% and gives 100% back - Fair businessman 4.  A person who takes 50% and gives 100% back - Righteous person 5.  A person who takes nothing and gives 100% - Saint Think about what category you and your actions fall ... Read More
Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
Certified Organic Products......
How do you know? What does it all mean? Why is it important? Would you like to know where to start when looking for certified organics skin care products & how to wade through the cosmetics ingredient maze? Check out these sites! Certified Organic Skin Care: How To Separate Fact From Fiction Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Reviews Top 25 USDA Certified Organic Skin Care Lines « NURTURE NATURE! PROJECT World's First 'USDA Certified Organic' Full-line Brand of Body Care Products Hit... Read More
Lucie Monroe
In Defense of the Liver Point
According to Lindsay Kenny's article , " the Liver Point or Liver 14 in acupuncture terms, can be found on the mammilary line, under the nipple, 2 ribs below the nipple, about where a woman's bra wire would be. For a man it’s about 3 inches under his nipples. Because of it’s “inconvenient positioning” it began to be eliminated in public forums. However, the Liver Point is an important meridian for stress, depression, cravings and anger ." In most of the shortcuts developed and customiz... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
Birthdays and Suicides
"Your staying alive means so much more than you really know or that anyone is aware of at this moment." ~ Jennifer Michael Hecht “ Sometimes even to live is an act of courage .” ~ Seneca I celebrated my 45th birthday this past Saturday.  Outside the fact that it didn't have the kind of 'zip' I thought a 45th birthday should have (I mean, I shaved my legs and everything!), it was a fine day filled with horses, sunshine, friends, vodka (the good stuff, even) and cheese nibblin's. ... Read More
Anne Baker
Could it be your thyroid?
Most of us think of the thyroid as the gland that regulates metabolism and controls body temperature but the thyroid also helps maintain physiological well-being; regulates energy levels and is crucial to a healthy immune system. The thyroid has been called the master gland. The thyroid is actually one of eight glands in the endocrine system (see diagram). This system regulates reproduction; growth and development; cellular metabolism; the balance of nutrients, electrolytes and water and acts to ... Read More
Avinoam Lerner
The True Power of Placebo, Can it Help Heal Cancer
Before a new drug can be released to the public it must go through rigorous testing. Part of that testing involves a clinical trial in which half the patients involved receive the actual drug and the other half receive a sugar pill (placebo). Amazingly many of the patients who receive the placebo still see a positive impact on their health. Obviously it’s not the sugar in the “fake medication” that is causing the positive change (otherwise we’d be treating cancer patients with candy by now), so what, you may ask, is the mechanism of action in placebo? the ... Read More
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