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Avinoam Lerner
The Top 4 Reasons for Integrating Hypnotherapy into Your Cancer Treatment Plan – Part 1
Conventional medicine has made great breakthroughs in recent years. These days those with cancer can expect a gentler and less invasive treatment plan. Thank to these breakthroughs, more and more people overcome their cancer and that is the positive bottom line. Read More
Elana Davidson
Respecting Kid's Personal and Physical Space- part one of series on body space/freedom of movement
Personal and Physical Space Personal and bodily space are interesting facets of people’s lives, ones that we generally consider the private and sovereign domain of the individual, and that the individual has the right to control and protect. Violations of personal and especially bodily space, particularly by strangers, is taken as quite a serious offense. Control of another person’s body, both in restriction of movement and in control of function, is quite literally imprisonment/slavery. While children are initially dependent on the physical contact and support of others, ... Read More
David Schouela
Our Two-Sided Brain
Our brains are composed of a left and right hemisphere connected by the corpus collosum, a small number of neural circuits located deep in the brain where energy and information is sent back and forth between the two sides. The left hemisphere is the more analytical, conceptual, fact based side that loves logical, linear, linguistic and literal communication. The right side of the brain is the more image-based side that processes non-verbal eye contact, facial expression, tone of voice, gestures and timing. It sees the whole picture whereas the left sees the world in terms of either/or.... Read More
Elana Davidson
Disengaging for greater engagment
Disengaging for Greater Engagement Do you know how to take a step back? To take some space? To allow for distance? To disengage? Have you allowed yourself to experience the sweetness and benefit that comes when you do? Most of us don't give ourselves this gift, and it can be at great cost to ourselves and our relationships. If you're an empath , if you're sensitive and pick up on what's happening around you then chances are, taking a step back, taking space for yourself and reconnecting to the Truth of who you are is very importan... Read More
Raymond Johnson
Get Your Nap On
Napping together is nice too. March 10 is National Nap Day and I almost missed posting this today because I was busy taking a nap. There’s been a renaissance lately on the benefits of short periods of rest, they’re recommended in scientific reviews , TED talks, books, the Mayo Clinic , Harvard Health , and last year Slate featured a piece on artists who napped. But I don’t need any convincing. I love naps, they benefit my mental health, my energy levels, my work concentration, and my mood. But they didn’t ... Read More
Isabella Stoloff
In my lifetime I have been through extreme challenges. I believe that is why I am a Shaman. I humbly understand spirit works through me to assist you in remembering your light. I find that assisting others in raising their vibration is key to the evolution of the planet. The road has been an interesting one to say the least. I am grateful for all of my experiences and teach others the same. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational words we have. I am here to assist you in uncovering your gifts so you can create a life filled ... Read More
The Vitality Cafe
A Single Session
Most of the people are not very clear on what happens in a single session at the Vitality Cafe, what they should expect and in what conditions they can opt for this option in their healing journey.  The post is aimed at answering the questions to its best.  Any questions can be sent by the contact form on the website or by email at ... Read More
Catherine Hession
Feel The Joy!
Like to feel more Joy in your Life? We are often so caught up in routine and analytical thinking that we forget to make time for Joy. Somewhere along the path of life we dropped the 'fun in the moment' aspect of ourselves in an attempt to appear “grown up”. Well why not start growing back down again and getting in touch with the Joy that already exists inside of you and is just dying to be acknowledged and given the space to exist and be expressed. Start today. Take a deep breath. Let go of the serious stuff. Change ... Read More
Jessica Sunshine Klein
Walking Sticks
11-6-11 Walking Sticks and Scented Soap Starseed Yoga and Wellness of Montclair, NJ "The techniques are like nicely scented soaps.  Hatha Yoga, meditation, mantra repetition, pranayama, headstand, fasting - all are soaps.  Use them to wash away the old dirt.  Once you have washed away the old habits, you won't need the soap.  When the road is no longer slippery, will you need a walking stick?" - Sri Swami Satchidananda To Know Your Self , ch 26 walking sticks, p. 158 The goal of Yoga is to experience unshakabl... Read More
Brynn Bishop
Awaken to Your True Nature
Beneath our personality our True Essence exists as pure, unbound love, blissful peace and ecstatic joy. Spiritual Essence As human beings, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The Being part of our nature is our true nature, our untainted essence which is eternal and untouched. It is the life force which both animates us and infuses every cell of our bodies with consciousness. Our Being or Consciousness is not separate from our bodies, nor is it bound by our bodies. It permeates our physical form and beyond. You Are ... Read More
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