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Kambiz Naficy
Leap! Hello My Friend; Your self-concept impacts your self-confidence, how you carry your body, the mate that you choose, how much money you make, the risks that you take, and how fully you live your life. Your self-concept is the mental image that you hold of yourself and it is just a thought. It has nothing to do with reality of your undiscovered self (who you truly are). That mental image is only based on what you have experienced so far, not all of what you are capable o... Read More
Barry Kerr
Addicted to Arguing?
by Barry Kerr Like a good argument? I don’t mean a fight. I mean a good intellectual, logical argument. The kind that Socrates would approve of. If your answer is “yes”, then congratulations; you’re probably smarter than most others around you. Or at least you feel like it. It doesn’t take much to pull some of us into an argument, if it’s about something we care about. It gives us a high, adrenalin rushing, feeling purposeful and in our mastery. Some of us can go for hours. Sometimes, if our opponent is worthy, we even learn ... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
My thoughts on the Health Care debate (or debacle?)
This might annoy some who keep asking me about my opinion on the current state of health care or, rather, the mess that does not resemble debate or discussion.   Generally I say, "I don't know enough about either side so I can't make an 'educated' opinion."  And, generally, that's the truth.  If I try to filter out the crap being flung from either side and dodge that that is being hit back by the proverbial fan, I still have no real, concrete facts and, so, can't parse the potential consequences of the choices involved. I don ... Read More
David Murphy
Yes, it's true, your shoes probably aren't helping much.
I've done a lot of research into shoes and posture. The impulse came after watching my clients walk out of sessions balanced, only to put their shoes on and see all of their postural compensations come back.  One of my experiments was to run barefoot for a year.  In the process, I learned a lot about how feet were designed to function in all of their varieties. This article is an interesting primer to understanding why we weren't born with lifted heels and why most shoes aren't so great for our feet. Here's the article, let ... Read More
Lucie Monroe
The Case for the Glass of Water
I remember the first time I got in contact with an EFT website that was re-inventing the wheel by giving their own version of the EFT tapping sequence with a twist: drinking a full glass of water was recommended before starting the process in order to, allegedly, allow energies to flow better. That made me slightly uncomfortable. I began to suspect that there was a hint of dishonesty behind. Even though virtually all EFT websites pay due respects to the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, some barely acknowledge that the tapping algorithm is his creation and present their own version ... Read More
Anne Baker
Top Ten Healthy Habits to Cultivate for 2012
Change is the path to health and making our goals reality. With the new year approaching our focus naturally turns to healing change . At its essence, this is what choosing a healthy lifestyle is all about. Change requires; Acceptance - of where you are now Acknowledgment - of what habits, thoughts and circumstances got you to this point in your life Realization that change involves healing of mind, body and spirit Resolution of your own internal conflict with accepting help & support from others ... Read More
David Murphy
Yoga Benefit for Haiti at Virayoga
Come and enjoy a fun, community oriented, multi level Anusara Class with Certified Teacher, Tara Glazier.  Help raise funds for on the ground medical care and supplies for those most in need in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.  Tara is a fantastic teacher and this promises to be an amazing class. Jan 24, Sunday 4pm Class with Tara Glazier All the proceeds going to Partners in Health ( Regular class price ($18) Donations encouraged. *Special musical guests from Haiti Limited space- Please rese... Read More
Nadine Renee
Vitex and the female reproductive system
Vitex has long been praised as one of the best remedies for female reproductive issues. It is known to benefit women in balancing hormones, abnormal uterine growths, menopausal issues, and lactating problems. Vitex is also known by the name Chasteberry, and Agnus Castus. Scientific studies have also validated many of the claims Vitex makes in regards to women's reproductive health. One of the main things it does is stimulate the pituitary and hypothalamus glands into producing a greater amount of progesterone. Many women use it to aid in conception as well... Read More
Kelly McPhail
Everyday Tarot
I bought myself my first Tarot decks when I was fifteen. One was the typical Rider-Waite and the other was the "Gummy Bear" deck. I would sit on my bed for hours, asking all the pressing questions most teen girls have- "Will so-and-so ask me out?," "When will I get married?," "Will it be to so-and-so?" The cringe-worthy list of questions I asked my cards went on and on. Over the years, the questions I ask and my uses for tarot have evolved (Thank God). I use my cards almost everyday. Here are just a few ways. Reading of the ... Read More
Pamir Kiciman | Oasis Reiki Dojo
The Healing Way of the Urban Healer
In the rich history of cross-cultural healing traditions, the healer was responsible mostly locally with his or her art. The world was simpler, less crowded, there was more isolation and globalization hadn't emerged. The healer was the tribe's health care system. He or she was also an integral part of the entire functioning of the village on all levels. The healer was consulted not only in personal matters, but matters of the tribe, its identity and relationship to nature, the world, and others. © Pamir Kiciman 2010 Little of this has changed to... Read More
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