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Jessica Sunshine Klein
Vegetarian Recipes
Vegetarian Recipes from the 2010 Meditation Teacher Trainees of The Yoga Life Society. Yoga Meal Prayer OM, Anna Poorne Sadhaa Poorne Shankara Praana Vallabe Jnaana Vairaagya Siddhyartham Bikshaam Dhehee Cha Paarvathee Mathaa Cha Paarvathee Devee Pithaa Devo Maheshwarahaa Baandhawaa Siva Bhakthaahaa Swadesho Bhuvana Thrayamm Hari OM Tat Sat Brahmaarpanamasthu Lokaah Samastaah Sukhino Bhavantu OM, Beloved Mother Nature, Your are he... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
"Life is like a Mirror..."
"Life is like a mirror: If I smile, the mirror returns to me a smile.  The attitude I take toward life is the same that life will take toward me." ~ Gandhi I posted the "What if it really is between the stories?"  a few days ago asking a lot of "what ifs" to hopefully get folks thinking (or not thinking) without demanding they believe it and, frankly, not wanting them to.  Sure, it was nice to read responses that showed I'm not alone on a limb here and that I'm not saying anything original (the reason I won ... Read More
Raymond Johnson
Get Your Nap On
Napping together is nice too. March 10 is National Nap Day and I almost missed posting this today because I was busy taking a nap. There’s been a renaissance lately on the benefits of short periods of rest, they’re recommended in scientific reviews , TED talks, books, the Mayo Clinic , Harvard Health , and last year Slate featured a piece on artists who napped. But I don’t need any convincing. I love naps, they benefit my mental health, my energy levels, my work concentration, and my mood. But they didn’t ... Read More
Anne Baker
Should soda be banned?
Are you a soda drinker? With rates of obesity and diabetes in this country skyrocketing many in the health field are looking at lifestyle and dietary causes. And, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that eating junk food, fast food and drinking soda have had a huge impact on the decline in health and increase in disease. Even though most people know soda isn't good for them they continue to consume it. So what if your "Big Gulp" was taken away? In fact, Mr. Bloomberg - New York City's Mayor recently decided to take ... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
Meditation Reveals...
Here's a great thought: How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted musical instruments as the ears, and such fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can experience itself anything less than a god. — Alan Watts The short answer is that what we experience through the five senses is limited and often misleading. In his lecture for being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968, Yasunari Kawabata in part said: The Zen disciple sits for long hours silent and motionless, with his eyes... Read More
Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt.
The Oil Spill — Alternative Images
Do you need a media and activism break? I do! In no way have I stopped speaking up for clean, renewable sources of energy, and the hubris of oil. That's ongoing and firm. At the same time, I strongly feel that this epic opportunity for humanity to learn needs to be commemorated with positive images. This is a spill that must be remembered always. Not only in a worldly sense, but in a sacred way. The repercussions are far from over and we must honor every single living thing that's been damaged, and will continue to suffer. In ... Read More
Barry Kerr
Why Am I Me?
by Barry Kerr Do you ever wonder why your life is what it is? Why do you have your particular appearance and personality? Why did you inherit those exact genes? And what about that childhood family, those parents … or lack thereof? Perhaps, for you, there is some level of pain or discomfort that accompanies these questions. Perhaps you remember, like most people do, that as a small child, you felt some sense of wrongness or pain about being in this world. Something wasn’t right. It might be an obvious memory of being physically or psychologically abused or neglected. O... Read More
Timothy Gay
Why Being Fired From My Job Was The Best Thing That Could've Happened To Me
Many people know what it's like to lose their jobs. It can be a harsh experience and can even lead into depression and forming of bad and destructive habits. However, not all who lose their jobs fall into a hole that takes them weeks, if not months or years to get out of. While most people who lose their jobs take it pretty hard, there are a few people who take it as a sign to go in a new direction in their life. That event opens the door to what they've wanted to experience most... life. My ... Read More
Elana Davidson
Learning to Trust your YES and your NO
Learn to trust your YES and your NO Do you remember what it was like to be five years old? To trust yourself and to clearly know what you did and didn’t want?… To go for what you wanted without hesitation?… To freely share your love and your joy and your aliveness with the world? So what happened to that? What happened to your confidence in knowing what you do or don't want and what's true for you? Have you notic... Read More
The Vitality Cafe
Healing and Karma
One of the most common question faced by healers these days is that, what if I am suffering the effects of my karma?  Can any kind of healing help me? This is a very interesting question to ponder upon and discuss with similar minded people.  One of the healing gurus has said that, a healer should never stop himself or herself from healing because he/she think this is karmic.  Divine intervention can also help neutralize negative karma. If you think you are suffering karmic issues, the best way to neutralize is to do good ka... Read More
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