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Stacy Hill
Human Angels
Most of us believe in Angelic presence.  We believe in guardian angels, those sent to look over us, and we believe in arch angels.  One thing we may forget about is the human angels that come into our lives.  We may get carried away with all that is going on, or we just dont take a moment and recognize them.  I promise you, they are around you in your times of need as well. Human Angels are always trying to help some one at many many points in their life.  They give of themselves, loving unconditional, until some times there ... Read More
Anne Baker
Cranberry found to have potent anti-cancer properties
In research released today in PubMed Herbal cranberry extract was found to have therapeutic properties which target breast cancer cell angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) as well as its viability. This means they help induce cancer cell death - which is what we want. Cytotoxicity of PAC-1 was partially based on ROS generation and could be blocked by co-treatment with antioxidant glutathione.Glutathione is our bodies most powerful anti-oxident and helps support our immune system. These findings suggest that PAC-1 exerts potent antic... Read More
Jessica Sunshine Klein
Meditation with Sister Sunshine - Fourth & Jackson Art Space
1-4-11 On a day in the new year, falling on the day of a new moon, let us celebrate and support change.  I am happy to share with you my lesson plans for the new series... Six Weeks of Meditation with Sunshine #1 Six week workshop designed for the introduction and integration of meditation. Learn chanting, breathing techniques, and meditation practices. Come one - Come all. Love all - Serve all. Hari OM Mantra Mantras work with scared sound syllables that represent energetic aspects of the Divine. The “Ha” originates i... Read More
Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
YouTube - The Dangers of Fluoride & Water Fluoridation
YouTube - The Dangers of Fluoride & Water Fluoridation Read More
Pamir Kiciman | Oasis Reiki Dojo
Healing, Peace and Community...
I've been thinking about healing: Healing is a big picture event. Details change when you stay the course. You can't heal what you don't know about. The courage to be aware is primary. Healing isn't a cure as a cure is in time/space, whereas healing is abiding. Symptoms are signposts from the soul as to what you need to heal. Symptoms are data in time. Healing takes place at a meta level. Healing is a return to your source code. Healing never happens in a vacuum. You hav... Read More
Heike Zelnhefer
Lovingness for my Skin
I made a new batch of facial & body cream in one, as I had run out of my all-time-favorite Lavender Cream. I was using a hand cream I had made with Jasmine which is lovely but not as good for my face as the Lavender Cream I had made before. So I went to my kitchen and started calculating how many milligram (I measure in mg because I find it to be more accurate then ounces) I need for a 3 ounces. I ended up with a pint and 1 oz because what I did not calculate in is that ... Read More
Dana Flowers
Help Save Cheech's Eye
I took in cheech a full blooded apple head chiuaua who was attacked by another dog as a rescue. His eyelid was almost torn off and his eye was punctured, he also had bites that covered his body. I washed out his eye every day with saline water and gave him Reiki treatments twice a day. He was sore and barely moved for the first few days. His eye and bite marks were healed within two weeks. He still had trust issues towards my other two dogs and was very skiddish and grumpy. I still continued treatments once a day ... Read More
Pamir Kiciman | Oasis Reiki Dojo
Boosting Immunity with Reiki
The immune system consists of about a trillion cells called lymphocytes and about a hundred million trillion molecules called antibodies. This complex system patrols and guards the body against attackers from without and within, regulating susceptibility to cancers, infectious diseases, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. The organs of the immune system include the bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, appendix and certain tissues in the small intestine (Peyer’s patches). These are known as the lymphoid organs as they are involved with the devel... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
Traveling Light
I have been happier. I have been wealthier & healthier. But I have never been more free. To that end, I am leaving Rapppahannock County to join others in their experience of life.  Beginning the first of February, I am taking to the road.  Me and the Mini , one healing table, one packed bag (ok, maybe two).  On the road, bringing 'Spanx for the Soul', wherever it takes us. However long it takes us. My life, my existence, is a treasure, a distinct expression of the mystery.  In each interaction, from the mundane to the 'miraculous', ... Read More
Amber Marie
Prevention is Free, Dis-Ease is Costly ~ Free Will
What if people were given the only oxygen they would ever need in a canister and made to protect it in order to breathe?  They would likely find a way to take great care so as not to suffocate.  Ironically, people rarely think of their bodies in that regard. The body must be maintained and protected from harm in every way in order to survive.  Many people tend to accumulate bumps and bruises, emotional and physical pains, stress and scar tissue from simply living their lives, and think nothing of it becomes it seems inevitable.  Regarding the body as a ... Read More
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