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James Gallagher


James Gallagher is a USN Veteran, husband and Unschooling father currently living South Central, OK. It was over 2 decades ago that he found the Eastern arts in a profound way that changed his life forever. Challenged with chronic back pain and malabsorption following a broken back in a BMX accident- since the age of 12, he was diagnosed IBS/Crohns and took his health into his own hands, specifically self healing with chigung. Although he was currently practicing and enrolled in Chung Moo Do, the healing chigung practiced at home is what led to healing and was mostly self taught via Bruce Frantzis, "Opening The Energy Gates of your Body." This was his first palpable experience working with life force energy.

He has devoted his life to natural living, working for 10 years as an Environmental Air Quality Consultant prior to studying Earth Sciences at Columbia University. It was there at Columbia where recognizing the fundamental flaw in our western worldview, that since this time, he has dedicated his life to natural medicine, natural health, individual empowerment and most recently Usui Reiki. He is currently Reiki level II. Reiki has contributed greatly to his continuing journey of healing. He will continue on this path to Reiki Master.

Having grown up sick under the onslaught of toxic vaccines, mercury fillings, TV, processed and fast foods, GMO wheat and entertainment-war-sex-drug culture finding my way to my health and truth have led me to consider the origin of dis-ease and economic/societal influences. I conclude that all so-called "diseases" are in fact curable, just not every patient. We all have our own path, challenges and calling. Sometimes illness is a necessary part of this growth, where sometimes it also indicates transformation.  Children were my inspiration for natural medicine. I have practiced natural medicine on myself for 30 years, however it was a short 11 years ago through planning for, coaching, and natural gentle home-birthing that I accepted the seriousness of helping others.

Since becoming a father, the home births of both of our children and adventures in  homeschooling or Global Unschooling, I've come to accept parenting as the greatest of challenge and opportunity in life. I had learned the word 'steward' in University but it took the blessings of life to help me truly relate to this word the world and bring me permanently to the blessings of life and energy healing.

Healing is an experience that occurs in the realm of non-ordinary reality. Healing certainly is not, analysis. It is through practical first-hand, experiences within non-ordinary states of consciousness that lives are forever changed. Power comes through the truth of realization of the vastness outside of material existence. Our light is the wellbeing of people the world over in continuous evolution. Empowering others to heal themselves brings forth tangible empowerment. Join me in realizing the unlimited possibilities that abound for life and humanity when we share this path.

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    2 Reviews

    After my very first session with Jim I feel much more grounded, happy, at peace, relaxed and have been delighted with a flurry of little birds hopping and flying around outside my window since I have been back at my desk working. :) A big release of something I cannot ... Read More »
    - Ewa Schwarz 9/29/14
    I had a distance Reiki Session with James a couple of weeks ago. I'd never had a distance session before so I wasn't expecting much to happen - boy was I wrong! As I lay there, I could feel a very powerful and very clear energy moving through my entire ... Read More »
    - Daniel Morningstar 9/12/14


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